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KINESTAS is a technology company with strong competence in power converters and drives. We provide advanced power electronics solutions for the high-performance applications. Our technology is the answer to the increasing demands towards power density and efficiency. Our strength is the multidisciplinary competence in power semiconductors, electronics, passives, control, embedded programming, and in depth system knowledge. With the team of professionals from academia and industry, having an international experience, a cutting-edge research results can be seamlessly integrated in the development processes and offer a competitive advantage in this highly dynamic market.


Traditionally, power electronics were involved in heavy industrial applications, which are characterized with relatively long exploitation times of converter systems. This in turn resulted in very long development cycles that are still prevailing in the well-established companies. The increasing number of power electronic applications that are emerging in the consumer sector demand for shorter exploitation periods, which can benefit from reduced development cycles. On top of that, the technology is changing rapidly and pushing forward to novel solutions. We strongly believe that this highly dynamic environment demands for a more agile approach in development process.


Common practice in today’s design process is developing a single product that fits multiple applications, which results in cost and energy inefficient and bulky solutions. With our innovative approach and broad experience, we can offer a balance between system level optimizations and development cycle time. Further on, suboptimal solutions are often the result of passive approach and lack of ability to transfer customer’s needs into appropriate product. Our motto, as our name tells (Kineo – Greek word for Motion, Potestas – Latin word for Power) is to be proactive and keep moving toward innovations, in order to bring powerful solutions. We strive to serve our customers, to understand their needs and expectations and to become their trusted advisor.



Nikola Lepojević

CEO & Founder


Milan Darijević

Lead Engineer & Founder


Power electronics hardware

Extensive, state-of-the-art knowledge in the area of power converter design, including analog, digital and communication circuits. Experience in design of measurement circuits for industrial noisy and harsh environment.

Power converters control

In-depth familiarity with various converter topologies allows us to tailor the control concepts which improve dynamic response, stability, noise emission and lead to more efficient and reliable overal design.

Power semiconductor technology

Hands-on experience with Si (IGBT, MOSFET) and WBG (SiC MOSFET, GaN) semiconductors, ranging from low voltage/current devices to medium voltage (kV) and high current (kA) devices.

Passive components

Optimal design of high power magnetic components for wide range of converter topologies. Design of medium-frequency, low-to-high power transformers with high insulation requirements for industrial, automotive and traction applications.

Circuit and FEM simulation

Competence in detailed modeling and simulation of electro-magnetic circuits and thermo-mechanical processes allows for virtual prototyping early in the design. This approach leads to substantial savings in cost and time during the design procedure.

System level optimization and integration

Employing our optimization techniques a high level of system integration can be achieved, resulting in a very compact and efficient designs.


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Virtual prototyping of components and systems

Design of zero series according to customer's specification

Simulation, evaluation and HIL testing

Real system testing and benchmarking



Integrated drives for robotics

EV chargers and charging infrastructure

Automotive and industrial drives

Isolated and non-isolated DC-DC converters

Rectifiers and grid side converters


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