Power in motion

Our motto, as our name tells (Kineo – the Greek word for Motion, Potestas – Latin word for Power) is to be proactive and keep moving toward innovations, in order to bring powerful solutions. We strive to serve our customers, to understand their needs and expectations and to become their trusted advisor.

Kinestas power electronics

We design per request specific solutions for power conversion applications. With our hands-on experience in hardware design, both in terms of electrical specification and selection of components themselves, and in terms of mechanical design, we guarantee the best possible performance of each Kinestas product.

Kinestas electrical machines

Kinestas develops its electrical machines through a specific process that consists of Conceptual design, Detailed electromagnetic design combining analytics and FEM, Thermal and structural design, NVH analysis, Optimization and Prototyping and testing.

1 Power in motion
2 Kinestas power electronics
3 Kinestas electrical machines

Latest project

Client: Broadcom Inc

SiC MOSFET Gate Driver Board for 62mm module

The powerful gate driver solution for the most popular power module package in industrial applications.