Car Ventilation Challenge

Hanon Systems

The Challenge

Design the new motor concept which has to replace existing brushed motor concept in the blower in-car ventilation system.

The Solution 1

The first solution which was offered to the customer was the design of SRM for the blower in-car ventilation system. Special SRM topology with a higher number of rotors than stator poles is adopted. This configuration ensures high power density and lower vibrations and noise. Optimization is performed during machine design in order to achieve the highest possible torque density, but also on control parameters to minimize torque ripple and some vibration components from the spectrum.

The Solution 2

In the second approach the idea was to make highly integrated solution where electronic components and the motor will be on the same PCB. For this purpose axial permanent magnet motor was designed because it provides the highest level of torque density and integration. Obtained design is easily scalable to different speed and power levels and thus could be very convenient in different applications in automotive, robotics and aerospace, which require the highest levels of integration and power density.