Power Integrated Module Gate Driver Challenge

Broadcom Inc


3 phase inverter gate driver evaluation boards for the Power Integrated Module in 600 V and 1200 V voltage class

The Challenge

The client needed a development tool that would allow their customers a quick component test, specifically the gate driver of an integrated circuit. The real challenge was presenting the solution with a fully user-friendly end-application. We didn’t want to create a simple tool that would allow testing of basic functionality and disregarding the performance in a real system and environment. Such a tool might be of interest to some students or amateurs, but not to R&D people in the industry. We wanted more. We’ve added all the components that are required to build the complete system. The crucial was a full-size inverter DC-Link that allows to completely test the gate driver's performance in a real environment. In addition, we have also included an option for non-invasive current measurement in semiconductor switches and thus enabled customers to measure the impact of a parameter change in the gate driver circuit.

The Solution

Power Integrated Module Gate Driver boards that enable evaluation of switching characteristics and full inverter operation.