High Speed Generator Challenge

MUST Solutions

The Challenge

Design a high efficient high-speed generator for 100kW which has to fulfill very strict mechanical and thermal constraints. Operation speed has to be set below critical speeds in order to ensure stable and safe operation. Permanent magnets must have safe temperatures during the entire operation.

The Solution

Optimization of the generator is performed by a multicriteria optimization algorithm in order to obtain solution with the highest possible efficiency. In order to achieve proper mechanical stability and safety mechanical constraints are introduced in the form of boundary values for rotor diameter and length,  and air-gap and rotor sleeve thickness. Losses in the magnets are reduced by proper axial and radial segmentations. The shape of the generator voltage is also optimized in order to make it closer to sine as much as possible. This is obtained mainly by shaping of the magnets, choosing the proper distance between them, and optimizing the slot opening.