The half-bridge gate driver evaluation board challenge

Broadcom Inc

The Goal

Isolated Gate Driver evaluation board for 1200V Dual XT or EconoDUAL IGBT module family.

The Challenge

The customer wanted to add a few more features in addition to the gate driver circuit, such as DC link voltage measurement, power module temperature measurement, and current measurement interface. Our mission was to fit all these components onto a relatively small printed circuit board while meeting all relevant Isolation Coordination Standards.


The Solution

The Broadcom® EB1200-339J evaluation board features dual-output isolated gate drive ACPL-339J optocouplers, used to drive Dual XT and EconoDUAL IGBT modules, and precision optically isolated ACPL-C87B amplifiers used for DC bus voltage and IGBT temperature measurements. The EB1200-339J can also be used in conjunction with ACPL-736J sigma-delta current sensing module to measure IGBT output current. The EB1200-339J is developed to support Broadcom customers during their first steps in designing inverter applications with ACPL-339J drivers. 


  • Two isolated ACPL-339J gate drive optocouplers
  • DESAT (short circuit protection), UVLO (under-voltage lockout protection), Active cross conduction prevention, Soft shutdown during fault
  • Dual output drive for external NMOS and PMOS buffer
  • Isolated DESAT and UVLO fault feedback
  • Two ACPL-C87B optically isolated amplifiers for DC bus voltage and temperature measurement
  • Electrically and mechanically suitable for Dual XT module 2MBI600XNE120-50 from Fuji Electric
  • With adjustment of the DESAT protection and gate resistors, the evaluation board supports the following modules from Fuji Electric and Infineon:
  •     2MBI225XNA120-50 (1200V/225A)
  •     2MBI300XNA120-50 (1200V/300A)
  •     2MBI450XNA120-50 (1200V/450A)
  •     2MBI600XNG120-50 (1200V/600A)
  •     2MBI800XNE120-50 (1200V/800A)
  •     2MBI1000XRNE120-50 (1200V/1000A)
  •     FF225R12ME4 (1200V/225A)
  •     FF300R12ME4 (1200V/300A) 
  •     FF450R12ME4 (1200V/450A)
  •     FF600R12ME4 (1200V/600A)
  • Discrete components basedIsolated SMPS for gate drivers
  • Access to PWM input and FAULT output signals for protection and control development purposes
  • Access to current measurements via ACPL-736J sigma-delta current sensing module