About us

Moving toward innovations in order to bring powerful solutions



No problem is unsolvable if you are always on the move

KINESTAS is a technology company with a strong competence in power converters and drives. We provide advanced solutions in power electronics and electrical machines for high-performance applications. Our technology is the answer to the increasing demands towards power density and efficiency. Our strength is the multidisciplinary competence in power semiconductors, electronics, electrical machines, passives, control, embedded programming, and in-depth system knowledge. With a team of professionals from academia and industry having international experience, we integrate cutting-edge research results in the development processes and offer a competitive advantage with our designs.


Best of power conversion in a flash

Traditionally, power electronics and drive systems were involved in heavy industrial applications, which are characterized by relatively long exploitation times. This in turn resulted in very long development cycles that are still prevailing in the well-established companies. The increasing number of players in the emerging markets demand shorter development cycles. First-to-market becomes more important than ever. On top of that, digital technologies and services are changing rapidly and pushing forward for novel solutions. We strongly believe that this highly dynamic environment demands a more agile approach in the development process.


Building a better world step by step

A common practice in today’s design process is developing a single product that fits multiple applications, which results in cost and energy inefficient and bulky solutions. With our innovative approach and broad experience, we can offer a balance between system-level optimizations and development cycle time. Further on, suboptimal solutions are often the result of passive approach and lack of ability to transfer customer’s needs into appropriate products. Our motto, as our name tells (Kineo – the Greek word for Motion, Potestas – Latin word for Power) is to be proactive and keep moving toward innovations, in order to bring powerful solutions. We strive to serve our customers, to understand their needs and expectations and to become their trusted advisor.