Challenging the present and bringing the new outstanding concepts to motion


Every Kinestas product starts with a single idea. An idea starts with a single man.

Knowledge in motion is the very essence of each solution we put out there. It is the boiling fuel we drive our visions and dreams. The core of this ever-expanding knowledge is the Kinestas people. The team of gathering creativity and versatility, generated through collective and individual experience and scientific achievements. This is the value we believe in – the people striving to explore and create. 
Kinestas is the cluster of researchers with the hunger for knowledge to bring new and bold concepts to life in the field of electrical machines and power converter technologies. With Ph.D. and MSc, background Kinestas are completely prepared for the present and future challenges. 


Power electronics hardware design Mechanical design Control techniques and simulations High density PCB layout
Electrical machines design FEM simulations µController programming Laboratory testing and benchmarking
High frequency transformer design SPICE Simulations FPGA programming


Research on and design of converters based on standard (Si) and WBG GaN and SiC) power semiconductor technologies Thermal modeling and lifetime analysis
Research on and design of standard and novel electrical machine concepts Virtual system prototyping
Optimization and analytical modeling


Compact drives for robotic applications High power isolated DC/DC converters Electric motors for e-bikes
High frequency transformers Axial flux electric motors SiC and GaN gate drivers and power stage
Battery storage systems for traction Electric motors for automotive cooling compressors, pumps and fans Evaluation tools